29 November 2010

Sansho Daiko gig #1

Today we played two songs to celebrate the opening of a karate tournament. It was our first gig in our new incarnation as Sansho Daiko and we were debuting not only our name, but (perhaps a little unwisely) our new costume! Our costume development has been a little rushed and although it all turned out just fine today, we had a few improvisations and substitutions - the important thing is though, that nothing fell off during the performance.

That reminds me of a show I did with my previous taiko group - we were opening the CIBC Run For The Cure in the stadium and were rushing to get dressed while a dignitary gave a speech. I glanced up at the jumbotron and saw quite clearly myself and my friend in the background of the speech - not indecent but certainly not the most appropriate backdrop!

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