26 November 2010

First date in over a year!

Unbelievably, it was only on the day before my parents returned to the UK that we came up with the idea of leaving the little one with them, and going for a date night - what a waste of 5 weeks of grandparents! We turned up at their place, unloaded our son and his accoutrements and waved goodbye to him as we ran out the door...

Our afternoon of freedom started with lunch at the local White Spot - they must have sensed our aura of toddler parentness even without our toddler being present because we ended up seated in the midst of people who all seemed to have babes in arms or kids in high chairs, so even though we were celebrating being able to eat our food at a decent temperature and pace, we still spent most of the meal talking about our little boy and all the things he does which (we think) are adorable.

After lunch we went to see Part 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I read the book when it first came out and most of the details of the story had already fallen out of my head by this time, so the developments were as good as new to me and I enjoyed the movie a lot despite the darkness of the events.

When the movie finished, we wandered around the mall a little more to take the time to marvel again at the lack of stroller and diaper bag before heading back to sweep our little man off his feet and give him a big hug. Date night done!

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