07 September 2010

A weird morning

This morning, I heard that the lead game designer at Relic was killed in a car crash over the weekend, survived by his wife who is 6 months pregnant. The most senseless part of the story is that the driver of the SUV that crossed the median was using drugs, and was taking off her sweater while her front passenger steered for her and now because of them, a child is going to be born fatherless.

Yesterday I bought "Heavy Rain", as I've been hearing a lot about how good it is, and how different from the run-of-the-mill game it is. I knew the story was dark, and that it was about a serial killer of little boys, but I wasn't prepared for my own reaction to it. The beginning of the story is sad already, how the main character loses his son Jason and then splits up from his wife, but then we see how sad he has become and how he has drifted away from his surviving son, Shaun. Things are looking up as he slowly reconnects with Shaun, and he manages to make him smile and have fun again.... and then Shaun is taken, possibly (probably) by the Origami Killer. The urge to carry on to try to save the little boy is very compelling, and I only stopped playing because it was after 2am. I'm looking forward to going back to it and making more progress in the story.

Today is my baby-less day, as I left the house before he woke up, and he will probably be in bed before I return from taiko practice. I'm already looking forward to seeing him tomorrow morning.

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