19 June 2011

Perfect timing!

About a week ago, we were all set to put our property on the market, which would have been our first foot out of the door on our journey to Halifax!  I made an appointment for our realtor to come over during the week, and settled down to wait for the day.

On Sunday, Jonas decided that extreme splashing was the order of the day for his bath, and after we'd put him to bed, on coming downstairs we noticed the dining table was covered with water... many phone calls and a plumber visit later, it turns out our bathroom floor was poorly re-tiled and on top of that (literally) the toilet wasn't installed properly and has been leaking into the floor with every flush.

And so, our exodus is on hold until the bathroom floor is re-tiled, and the dining room ceiling is repaired.

Lesson learned: when buying a property, take notice if floors are different levels by inspecting thresholds!

1 comment:

Justin said...

You also learned that extreme splashing is not only fun, it's an ideal way to discover faults in your tiling and plumbing!