10 December 2010

Sewer pipe drum #1

My schoolteacher friend is making 9 taiko drums for her students. She is using sewer pipe shells, and tonight we worked on the final stretch for drum #1 - a drum I have dubbed "Obstinate": it took us about 45 minutes to actually get the pre-stretched drum head over the end of the pipe. Apparently it had shrunk a little since the first stretch. We had to strain to pull the edges apart, prise the mimis over the lip of the drum and whack it with mallets to get it to fit again - hard work! Lesson learned - leave the pre-stretches on the drum shells until they are completely dry. By the end of the evening we'd run out of time and decided to leave it stretched on the rack until the next session - we needed slightly different screws and washers anyway - round-headed, non-countersunk screws, and flat washers (stronger, more contact with the skin).

Of course, we had to sign the inside of her drum!

My own drum project is currently on hold as I am trying to get hold of some tacks locally... soon, soon it will boom!

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