12 October 2010

Kefir is back online!

At the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to get back into the habit of drinking kefir daily, so I posted a request on freecycle, which was answered quite quickly by a nice lady on the North Shore. After I picked it up, I got into the routine of draining off the kefir every morning and refilling my jar with milk - what a great drink it is! Even the little boy likes it, as long as it's not too tart, and it's supposed to be really good for him (I only give him a very small amount).

Lately I neglected my kefir grains for a couple of weeks, changing only a few times during this period and it started to visibly suffer from this treatment, contracting into one large clump instead of a collection of loose grains. I've killed kefir before though so this time I pulled it back from the brink before it was too late, and a week after resuming the routine, it's getting back to normal, separated and happy-looking grains!

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